Stora Coop, Visby sets the benchmark for sustainability in Swedish Supermarket

Leafymade biodegradable bowl engångstallrikar av löv

Stora Coop in Visby, Sweden saw their commitment on sustainability rewarded, winning the prestigious White Guide Green Sustainable Grocery Store of the Year 2019.

What is the White Guide Green?

The White Guide Green is the first initiative to map Sweden’s food stores for sustainability. 

Of nearly 300 food stores tested around Sweden, from Norrbotten in the north to Skåne in the south, 30 were shortlisted. Nominations were then finally made for the Sustainable Grocery Store of the Year

The assessment criteria was developed together by White Green Guide and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). It looked at how the stores worked with their supply, staff training, food waste, waste to energy consumption and sustainability communication to customers.

A pioneer in sustainability – a profile of the 2019 White Green Guide award winner

Stora Coop Visby won the Sustainable Grocery Store of the Year and according to the White Green Guide they won because:

“With a commitment that is as much global as local, this year’s winner sets a new standard for the climate-smart store. Sharp messages, cool aesthetics and also unmatched touches contributed to a shopping experience that beats everyone else in 2019. ”

According to the White Guide Green, Stora Coop Visby appears to have sustainability as a part of its DNA, a store full of great ideas and countless examples of best practices. The store has its own label “Extremely locally produced in Gotland” communicated throughout the store and across social media. These actions show support for local producers and its sustainable credentials. 

The store does not compromise on quality either, sustainability has the highest priority. And the food waste gets a second life with the app Karma or is donated to local farmers. A water project is also being run with a local brewery to reduce the transportation of bottled water. And, as if that was not enough they are working with a local company to deliver goods by bicycle.

Markus Wahlgren, store manager Stora Coop Visby says:

“Me and all our employees are both happy and proud to be the most sustainable grocery store in Sweden. There is extremely tough competition, which shows that our focused work on sustainability produces results.” Markus continues, pointing out that customers are very conscious. “We do everything we can to meet their needs.”

Supermarkets and their role in sustainability

Supermarkets can offer biodegradable alternatives, connecting with conscious customers that want a sustainable option. This can trigger a change in their behaviour and the manufacturers.

By linking sustainability and social entrepreneurship, Leafymade commits to providing a substitute for conventional petroleum, and paper-based products. 

Food for thought

One of the first supermarkets to stock the Leafymade plates was the Stora Coop in Visby. They also utilise the biodegradable sampling plates for their own in-store food tastings and demonstrations.

The power of in-store food sampling

As a food producer, one of the best ways to get people to buy your product – is to taste it. So, most food brands work alongside supermarkets to facilitate food sampling. 

Producers usually look for opportunities to promote new products, and brand awareness by offering sampling in-store. Larger supermarkets may regularly offer free samples to tie in with a specific food-promotion. If this is repeated multiple times, a bigger store has the capacity to serve up to 1000 mini portions daily.

Food sampling with Leafymade engångstallrikar av löv

Not every supermarket deals with in-store sampling in the same way. It provides the food business an opportunity to introduce new products, meet consumers, gather feedback and boost sales. 

And for the supermarket it promotes positive word of mouth and sets them apart from their competitors. Plus when people are given something for free they end up buying other things.

In-store food sampling is well received by customers. By using Leafymade products such as our dip-bowls and finger-food plates it is a positive experience. Customers see your support for sustainability and a social enterprise.

Supermarkets also set a good example by using biodegradable plates on their food sample stations. This inspires customers to do the same and buy Leafymade disposables for their own parties and events.  

Biodegradable materials may be perceived as being more expensive than other raw materials. But, the long-term ramifications of not using them put that cost into perspective.

In terms of environmental benefits, biodegradable material breaks down faster and leaves nothing behind in the soil. Plus it displaces the use of plastic and saves landfill space. 

So, if you want to know more about sustainability or using Leafymade for food sampling – contact

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