We are Leafymade

We are a small international team of people that are driven by our love for the environment and the will to do our bit to protect it. We are headquartered in the beautiful Swedish university town Uppsala and produce in the Indian state of Odisha, where the use of leaves as plates has been a common practice for centuries.

Suman Mehta

I’ve been trying my best to find solutions to worlds pollution- and inequality problems, and at Leafymade it’s all coming together!


As an entrepreneur I’ve been working with different technologies but building up these sustainable solutions, not only focusing on the product and how it’s sourced but also on packaking, shipping, even the ink on our stickers to be green has been a welcome challenge. And nothing compares to the amazing team-effort and passion at Leafymade.

Lucia Korbelyiova

As a hippie at heart with sustainability in mind I joined Leafymade to take it forward on its sustainability journey. Any decision to be made has to pass a vigorous sustainability test of my heart and mind.

Meenu Choudhary

Getting completely behind something so beautifully simple as reducing plastic pollution was easy, and that’s why Leafymade has kept me so interested, the business follows me even in my dreams!

Mascha Wendler

Providing women with the possibility to build their own capacities is the best part of my job at leafymade! I’m not only responsible for the content of our website, social media and marketing materials, but also constantly working on improving the social and environmental impact of our production in India.

Iiro Sudenkäpälä

Getting positive karma while contributing to the betterment of our environment has kept me driven and focused to overcome all our challenges.

Intrested in geting involved?

As a young green startup there’s great opportunities for cooperation!