10 things you can do for a sustainable living

A more sustainable living can be accomplished with small changes. We gathered some easy tips for you to reduce disposable plastic from your life.

1. Use soap bars.

Instead of buying plastic packaged shower gel and shampoo every few weeks, you can use soap bars. Soap bars often come in paper or even without any packaging. While normal hand soap works well as body-wash, there are many companies that offer you special shampoo soap bars that meet the needs of your hair.

2. Bring your own food in a lunch box.

It’s probably one of the most Swedish things ever. It is not only great way to safe money, to stay in control of your diet by planning what you will eat but to also a nice way to evade buying disposable plastic packaged food and snacks during the day.

3. Find a unpackaged shop nearby or shop at your local market/vegetable store.

Shopping at unpackaged stores or local markets often allow you to bring your own packaging or to reuse old egg cartons, fruit and veggie containers and thereby avoid all the single -use disposable plastic to wrap in food at many supermarkets. The supermarkets also started using leaf packaging for more sustainable solutions.

4. Bring your own bags and fruit/veggie nets for shopping.

There are plenty of beautiful cotton tote bags or fruit/veggie nets that easily fit into your bag or jacket pocket when empty. Just make it a habit when checking if you have your wallet, key and mobile phone to also think of your bag or net. You never know when you maybe want to buy something or need to transport things. There are many types of biodegradable bags available such as jute and cotton bags.

5. Use and store reusable containers and bottles. 

You can use glass or metal containers to store flour, pasta, rice, spices and herbs, but also lotions and cleaning products. This is not only more sustainable but definitely also looks better than having disposable plastic and paper packages on your shelf. Also, when buying bread, meat or other things from a counter, you can ask if it is possible to put them into eco friendly alternate such as a container or a lunch box. If you are a fan of coffee to take away, get one of the many stylish reusable coffee cups made from porcelain or bamboo and other eco – friendly alternate.

6. Say no to plastic and paper straws.

Make it a habit to always say “no to plastic and paper straw, please” when ordering a drink. If you prefer drinking from straws, consider buying a metal straw or reusable straws made up of reed, wheat grass or bamboo that you can easily carry in your bag everywhere you go and clean by hand or in a dish-washer.

7. Use beewax wrap instead of plastic foil.

Beewax wraps do not only replace plastic foil but they are also much more beautiful, robust, and smell like honey. You can find them in all kind of shapes and with diverse patterns, and they are super easy to use.

8. Eat ice cream from a cone. 

You shouldn’t feel guilty when you crave some ice cream during a hot Summer day, but to make it a guilt-free pleasure make sure you always order your ice cream in a cone and not in a cup (usually made from plastic or plastic-covered paper) with a plastic spoon. In case it is a cup, ask for a biodegradable and compostable cups from ice cream parlour.

9. Use natural cleaning products.

Did you know that you can replace your plastic-packaged cleaning products with vinegar, lemon, baking soda etc.? Thereby your wastewater does not get polluted with chemicals, and your bathroom or kitchen smells fresh!

10. And finally: Do it yourself!

There are plenty of tutorials to make your own deo, soap, detergent, face masks and peeling, beewax wrap, toothpaste, tote bag, etc.

By Mascha Wendler

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